Dana Mermell for School Board

My name is Andrea Choate and my husband and I have been residents of Lake Orion for the past 9 years. We based a large part of our decision to move here on how great the Lake Orion Schools were portrayed. This was a bit before we even started our family, but we knew we wanted to find a permanent place where we could build our lives together.
Fast forward and here I am, a stay at home mom to two wonderful children. My daughter is currently in first grade and my son will be entering kindergarten next year. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the school system would be turned upside down and I would be enveloped in the uproar that is surrounding it.
I met Dana while volunteering in our children’s Kindergarten class. She is the mom that all mom’s aspire to be! On top of EVERYTHING when it came to our child’s class. Organized, crafty, and always there to help. The more I interacted with her, the more I enjoyed her company and have learned what a passionate, caring, loving, heartfelt and emotional person she is.
In addition she is very well educated and does all her research on what is going on with the community and the schools. She does not make decisions lightly or take everything at face value. I know she will dig deep into the facts to ensure the decisions that she does make are not purely emotional, but factual as well.
Her and her husband did an amazing job organizing the community to pass the Building and Site Sinking Fund and they have a true vested interest in helping the community in which both were born, raised and now raising their own family.
I encourage everyone to do their research and reach out to Dana Mermell if you have any questions! She would be a great fit for the Lake Orion School Board and is someone you can honestly feel comfortable talking to and you know she will listen and have your best interest at heart.
Andrea Choate
Lake Orion resident

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