Colleague recommends Zielinski

I am writing this in regards to Jennifer Zielinski. I work with Jennifer at VW Credit, Inc. and I have to say she is the definition of a hard worker. She always is willing to assist those in need and finds ways to make it easier to understand difficult programs and situations. There have been many times when I needed her assistance and she is always willing to assist at any given moment. She is also a very kind hearted person. I have recently run into some personal issues and she made it a point to take a moment to be there for me when I needed someone to speak to. She is always willing to go out of her way to help others, even if it doesn’t benefit herself, because that is the type of person she is. I think she is a great colleague and a great person who cares about others over herself. I believe her motto is to put others before herself, which is very rare these days. Jennifer always has a smile on her face, even when she is having a bad day. She is solely the definition of humble and kind, and she would be the perfect fit as Orion Township clerk.

Dustin Howes

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