Charter Township of Orion Board of Trustees

Charter Township of Orion
Board of Trustees
Synopsis, Regular Meeting, Monday, April 3, 2017
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.
Invocation: Eric Johnson, King of Kings Lutheran Church. All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Treasurer Steele delivered a proclamation in recognition of Severe Weather Awareness Week and Clerk Shults delivered a proclamation in recognition of Fair Housing Month.
Formally recognized Firefighter Chris Hagan as Citizen of the Month.
Approved the payment of bills in the amount of $924,827.06, payrolls in the amount of $120,925.32, for a total disbursement of funds of $1,045,752.38.
Approved the Agenda, as amended. Approved the Consent Agenda, as amended.
Approved Minutes, Special Joint Meeting: PC 2017-05, Silver Spruce Plaza PUD, March 15, 2017.
Approved Minutes, Regular Meeting, March 20, 2017.
Approved Minutes, Special Meeting: Policy Workshop, March 25, 2017.
Approved the application for a Peddler/Solicitor license from David Peters in order to sell ice cream from a truck.
Approved the application for a Peddler/Solicitor license from Chris Casey in order to sell ice cream from a truck.
Received and filed the Orion Township Library’s 2017 Audit.
Awarded bid for 2017-2018 mowing services to Green Meadows Landscape.
Reduced the annual sign permit fee for the Friends of the Orion Township Public Library to $25.00.
Approved the request for a special permit under Ord. 76 for the Friends of the Orion Township Public Library for their annual spring fundraiser (pending State approval), and waived the $300.00 application fee.
Changed status of Environmental Resources Committee Matthew Menghini from Alternate to Voting Member, and authorized advertising vacancy for open Alternate position.
Approved request from Indianwood Golf and Country Club to conduct their annual fireworks display, contingent upon complying with NRPA Code for Fireworks Display.
Awarded 2017 road chloride contract to the Road Commission for Oakland County at a cost of $53,188.80 for five applications and authorized any necessary budget adjustments.
Authorized the Clerk to purchase three additional voting machines (two tabulators and one ADA device) with a purchase price of of $14,500.00.
Accepted the resignation of Firefighter Brendan MacDonald, with regret, effective April 11, 2017.
Promoted paid-on-call Firefighter Joe Calahan to full time Firefighter, effective April 12, 2017, contingent upon passing pre-employment testing.
Received and filed the notice of solicitation from the Michigan Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, and authorized the Clerk to complete and return the confirmation notice; further, requested that the organization provide the Clerk’s office with a list of solicitors and vehicle information when it becomes available.
Conditionally approved the request to conduct roadside collections from the VFW Post 334 to conduct their annual Buddy Poppy fundraiser, with the understanding that solicitation will not take place on either M-24 or Joslyn Roads; that the free flow of traffic will always be maintained, and that this will be the final year for this fundraiser.
Granted permission to sell concessions at Township Parks to Josh Miller of Yates Cider Mill for the 2017 recreation season.
Concurred with the Planning Commission recommendation and denied PC-2017-01, Gregory Meadows PUD Concept Plan.
Authorized attorney review of Ord. 73, Solid Waste & Recyclable Materials Regulation, and set the date for tentative first reading on May 1, 2017.
Awarded bid and authorized Supervisor to sign agreement for Fire Station Renovation Construction Manager to Cunningham-Limp, contingent upon attorney review of the contract, and authorized necessary budget adjustments.
Authorized the purchase of the new D259 Caterpillar tractor with attachments and trailer for the Building & Grounds department, at a purchase price of $81,583.26.
Held closed executive session to discuss attorney opinion and the purchase of property.
Adopted resolution authorizing the purchase of 4995 Huston and 313 Brown Road.
Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.
Penny S. Shults, Clerk
Chris Barnett, Supervisor
Charter Township of Orion

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