LOFA dueling with twice the fireworks this July

By Meg Peters Review Co-Editor First one platform will fire, then the other will respond, back and forth over Lake Orion. “They’ll just keep shooting until it’s one great big firework,” President of the Lake Orion Fireworks Association Carl Cyrwoski said. The Lake Orion Fireworks Association (LOFA) makes the magic happen every Fourth of July, […]

LO Horseshoe Club league in full swing

Interested in pitching horseshoes with the Lake Orion Horseshoe Club?  Now is your chance to come down to the horseshoe courts, in the beautiful Village of Lake Orion.  We are located behind Children’s’ Park by Fire Station #1.  You will have the opportunity to meet some of the club members, play some horseshoes and get […]

Over 2,700 lockers donned in positivity

By Meg Peters Review Co-Editor It only took four students and one supervisor to tape over 2,700 positive messages on every locker at Lake Orion High School last Tuesday, April 19. Their goal was to inspire their peers the morning of April 20, or 4-20, to make conscious, healthy choices. Teens in Action is a […]

Residents help build a stronger future for new Orion family

Residents help build a stronger future for new Orion family

By Meg Peters Review Co-Editor More than $20,000 was raised this weekend at Christ the Redeemer Church of Orion Township to help build a home for a family in need. ‘Raise a Glass to Raise a Roof’ was bustling with over 160 people in attendance, all who made the $20,000 dream a success. “That’s pretty […]

LOHS Thespians present West Side Story

LOHS Thespians present West Side Story

“For students to experience characters who are not only in conflict with each other, but have an extreme hatred for each other, has been a bit of struggle at times,” Director Scott Finn said. “As a result, they have a deeper respect for the story and what it teaches us about human nature and how […]

Village must agree to a one-year police millage contract

By Meg Peters Review Co-Editor After much pleading Monday night, there is still no guarantee that Orion Township will levy the Village of Lake Orion’s police millage for the next four years. But, they could do it for one. Village Manager Darwin McClary agreed that the village council would review the township’s proposed one year agreement and […]

Public forum set to discuss school closing

By Meg Peters Review Co-Editor The Lake Orion Community School District must shrink. For the past several months district administrators and school board members have researched possible ideas for resizing the district, including closing one or more schools. They invite the public to explore options and ask questions at a public meeting Monday, April 25. The […]

Man loses at the Lake Orion police lottery

By Dan Shriner Review Editor A Pontiac man, who posed at a state lottery official to steal lottery tickets and told police after his arrest that he “can’t stop stealing,” was stopped by Lake Orion police and others last week. The man’s alleged crime spree came to the attention of Lake Orion police after they […]

130 cannabis plants seized from Lake Orion caregiver operation

By Meg Peters Review Co-Editor A Lake Orion resident turned himself in to the Lake Orion Police Department after officers found 130 medical marijuana plants, 94 more than he was legally permitted, at his home on Lake Shore Drive. The plants were found after LOPD officers entered the house with a search warrant on March […]

Orion thefts solved

Oakland County Sheriff’s Department deputies and detectives believe they have solved a string of at least 18 thefts in Orion Township with the recovery of a stash of area residents’ stolen property in Jackson. According to police reports in recent weeks, there have been numerous reports of property stolen from vehicles and homes, many on […]