Business owner supports Joe Kent

I am supporting Joe Kent for State Representative because I know he understands the virtue that small businesses bring to a community and a state. Having worked with Joe in the tax and finance business, it’s clear that he is fueled by a passion for the common man or woman trying to make a go of it, and a sense of equity to make it all fit. Joe Kent is passionate, ethical, and smart.
Joe both loves his neighbors and understands the political process; his campaign is a testament to making things work with an efficient budget. At issue for us now, is how to make government work without strangling the lives of people like you and me. The pragmatic answer is an emphasis on limited government and economic freedom. Perhaps, many of us, you and I, have taken liberty for granted, assuming the constitution was a foundation that would never be compromised or disturbed.
For me, I look to brilliant, but ethical people like Joe Kent to show us a way through the complexity and rhetoric toward more common sense, less taxed, less regulated society where liberty has a chance to grow, and people have an opportunity to prosper. It is an important moment in our political history. A vote for Joe Kent is a common sense way, to make an important difference for this community and this state here and now. Join me in supporting Joe Kent for State Representative on August 2.
Bruce W. Edwards
owner of Padgett Business Services

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