Black Lives Matter – Lake Orion — Photos

Black Lives Matter – Lake Orion — Photos
During the rally, several people spoke about their personal experiences with racism, the killing of George Floyd and vowed to keep protesting until Black Lives Matter as much as everyone’s lives. Photo by Megan Kelley.

Black Lives Matter supporters march through downtown Lake Orion with Lake Orion Police Chief Harold Rossman joining the march. The peaceful rally at the Lake Orion Plaza on M-24 and march to downtown Lake Orion brought of nearly 1,000 supporters. Photo by Jim Newell.


Photo coverage of the Black Lives Matter rally and march in Lake Orion on June 5, 2020.

Follow the link below to The Lake Orion Review Facebook page for a photo gallery of the event.

Black Lives Matter supporters rallied on Friday night in Lake Orion. Photo by Megan Kelley.

See this week’s issue of The Lake Orion Review for more coverage.

(Facebook gallery photos by Jim Newell. Photos on this page by Megan Kelley.)

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