Birgit McQuiston has proven her dedication to LO Schools

Just a reminder to everyone to vote for your LOCS Board of Trustees. This is an important time in our school district with a lot of important decisions being made for the future of LOCS.
I encourage you to vote to re-elect Birgit McQuiston to the Board of Education. Birgit has proven to be a dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate Board member. She asks the tough questions and makes well-thought out, educated decisions for the benefit of all of our students. Birgit’s dedication goes above and beyond her required board duties, as she attends as many events in as many buildings as she can possibly get to throughout the year.
Birgit’s leadership has served our district and community well, and she deserves your vote so that she can continue to do her work for our community. Please join me in re-electing Birgit McQuiston for Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education.
Karen Appledorn
Lake Orion resident

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