A warning to residents who drive on Orion Twp. roads

A warning to Orion Township residents who drive on Orion Township roads:

If you see a police car behind you, pull over immediately into a driveway or a business parking lot along the road and wait for this police car to go past you.

I was driving to the Orion Oaks Dog Park Wednesday morning. I stopped on Joslyn Road to make a left turn into the park and this Oakland County sheriff patrolman came up behind me with his siren flashing. He followed me into the park and pulled up behind me. I wondered why.

I waited for him to come up to the driver’s door, but he didn’t show up. I looked to the passenger side of my Jeep and there he was, standing in the parking lot. I got out of my vehicle and got my purse out of the back seat and gave him my driver’s license.

I asked him what was wrong and he threatened to give me a ticket for driving on the “white line.” Instead, he gave me a written warning.

This patrolman had an attitude and was very rude. He accused me of “not stopping” when he tried to pull me over. He said I was driving recklessly and all over the road.

Joslyn Road, from Waldon to Clarkston, is very curvy, especially around Lake Sixteen where fatal accidents have occurred.

Most of the drivers I have observed travel on this “fog line” in order to “play it safe” and avoid a possible head-on collision. The “fog line” is called a “traffic control device” in Michigan. There are many roads that do not have this “fog line.” Because Joslyn has the “fog line,” it is eligible for ticket writing.

I drive on this road every day because I go to the dog park. I always have complete control of my vehicle, and drive very carefully and responsibly. I will never allow another police car to follow me.

Nancy Lee

Orion Township resident


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