Let’s go Lake Orion, get out and vote.  In 2011 only 24% and in 2013 only 23% of registered voters showed up to the polls to cast a vote, we can do better than that.  If you are someone who always fells like “what does it matter” than these local election are for you, very small amount of votes can change the future of Lake Orion.  Also get educated; there is tons of information out on the candidates and proposals.

Vote Yes for the Building and Site Sinking Fund.  I have done the research and the Building and Site Sinking Fund is the right tool for the job.  This is all about school property maintenance which our schools desperately need.  I want schools that we are proud to send kids to not ones where: trash cans collet the water from roof leaks, or ceiling tiles fall down because they are saturated with water from roof leaks, or bathroom dividers that are so rusted they shift and kids have to kick their way out of them.  These are just some of the examples that I have come across in researching why this is necessary, surely Lake Orion we can do better.  By now you might be asking doesn’t the state of Michigan support the schools with enough money to make these repairs!!! To my surprise back when Proposal A was passed (in 94’) property taxes where cut and one of the reason was building maintenance is now supposed to be supported by local bonds or sinking funds.  The sinking fund is the right tools because all of the money stays local, the state audits the expenditures to make sure they are only spent on maintenance and it is a very efficient use of money because the schools can only spend what they take in each year and therefor do not pay interest (like a bond).  In closing please get educated, the Lake Orion Community Schools website has a button on the right hand side of the main page which will take you to lots of great information like the “Building and Site Sinking Fund Proposed Project List” or “Building and Site Sinking Fund Facts” or “Building and Site Sinking Fund Q&A”.

Ed Schwartz

Orion Township Resident

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