Village of Lake Orion Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal regulations

It is that time of year. Just about every community has sidewalk snow and ice removal laws, the Village of Lake Orion is no different. We ask that everyone consider the following facts about clean sidewalks.

• For many folks, including many senior citizens, the ability to walk the neighborhood year round is crucial to their health regimen.

• Mail carrier foot-routes depend on you to keep the way clear to deliver your mail and packages.

• A homeowner or business owner is subject to a municipal civil infraction fine and potential civil liability if they fail to keep the portion of sidewalk adjacent to their property free of hazardous conditions.

• If you’re a business owner, nothing says “Open and Welcome” to customers than having a clear, clean sidewalk and entrance in winter months. A business that does not promptly remove snow and ice from their sidewalks risks loss of sales, fines and risk of potential civil liability.

COPS WHO CARE: This is an LOPD program in place for village residents who need help. If you are a senior citizen or veteran with physical limitations, or you have medical issues or another condition that makes it dangerous for you to safely remove snow and ice, please call LOPD Code Enforcement Officer Terry Thelen at 248-693-8323, or email him at and provide him information regarding your circumstances. He will work with you to determine your needs and assist in making arrangements for seasonal removal.

The LOPD works with the Lake Orion High School Career Center to match students who need to complete service learning hours with folks who need help removing snow.

If you know of, or have information about a person who lives in the village who needs this help, please call or email Officer Thelen.

LOHS students who wish to join us and be placed on the LOPD Cops who Care service provider list call or email Officer Thelen and we will get you involved in this great community program.

Village Ordinance: 92.13 SNOW AND ICE ON SIDEWALKS

(A) Owners, occupants and persons in control of any property shall be responsible for keeping all sidewalks adjoining the property clear of snow and ice as provided in this section. Ice shall be cleared by removal or application of sufficient quantities of deicing material or sand.

(B) Residential Property – Failure to remove snow or ice from a sidewalk for a period of 24 consecutive hours is a violation of this chapter.

(C) Business Owners – On sidewalks in the downtown area, accumulations of two or more inches of snow that falls and ice that forms, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., shall be removed immediately, with any snow that accumulates or ice that forms after 9:00 p.m. to be removed by 9:00 a.m. of the following day, with failure to comply with these requirements being a violation of this chapter.

Upon a violation of a requirement of this section, in addition to and without regard to whether the violation is pursued as provided in §92.32, the Village Manager may cause all snow and ice to be cleared and removed from the sidewalk, at the expense of all persons responsible, with payment of the village’s actual and administrative costs and expenses incurred in doing so to be a joint and several debt to the village by all of the persons responsible, which shall be paid in full within 30 days of the village’s billing to those persons, and which shall be secured by a lien on the property adjoining the sidewalk from the time the snow and/or ice is cleared and removed by the village.

(Ord. 8.01, passed 10-11-71; Am. Ord. 8.04, passed 2-12-07)

LOPD code Enforcement Officers will be inspecting for violations and enforcement all winter. Please report problem areas to Officer Thelen at the above number or email.

Michigan Law prohibits placement of snow on to a roadway. — Chief Jerry Narsh, Lake Orion Police Department


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