Village accepts engineering proposal for water main replacement project

By Susan Carroll

Review Writer

The Lake Orion Village Council took action on several issues this month, including awarding the engineering contract for the nearly $8 million water main replacement project and drainage problems on Lakeview Street.

The construction engineering for phases 1 and 2 of the water main replacement project was awarded to Hubbell, Roth & Clark (HRC) in an amount not to exceed $285,430.

The bid submitted was a revised estimate, as HRC’s original proposal, submitted on Aug. 14, was for $363,340, and was the highest of the five bids submitted.

The HRC revised estimate – presented during the council meeting – reflected reduced inspection hours to be more in line with the other four proposals that were submitted to the Village Council at the Oct. 9 meeting.

HRC originally based their proposal on 4,798 hours of work, while the second highest projected hours was 4,284 hours by Fleis & Vandenbrink.

A village policy states that professional services, such as engineering, architectural and legal services, are exempt from the competitive bidding requirements, even if the village requests proposals on a project.

• A Council Action Summary Sheet was submitted for the resolution to the ongoing Lakeview drainage issue. A report included two options, with the village paying the entire amount out of the Local Street Fund.

The proposal, submitted by HRC, would construct 3 or 4 drainage structure systems, confined to the center of Lakeview Road. The estimated construction cost is $60,000 for three-six-foot structures and $70,000 for four four-foot structures and includes the removal and construction of new basins, an 18-inch pipe, 6A stone, trench stabilization/shoring and dewatering.

• Due to the Christmas holiday, the Dec. 25 council meeting has been canceled and the regular meeting schedule of the second and fourth Monday’s of each month will resume beginning at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 8.

• A motion was carried to adopt the ordinance that brings the Village of Lake Orion in compliance with state law in regard to the purchase, consumption or possession of alcoholic liquor by a minor.

• The Michigan Legislature has amended the ordinance to allow civic and charitable organizations to be allowed back in the roadways to obtain donations.

The Village of Lake Orion changed their ordinance to specify “no person shall be allowed in the roadway,” after a fireman was killed by a motor vehicle while soliciting donations in the “boot campaign.”

It was necessary to change the ordinance as the statute states that no municipality may prevent a charitable organization from soliciting donations and the village ordinance needed to comply with current state law.

The statue has conditions that the solicitor must follow to be compliant with the law. Conditions require at least $500,000 in liability insurance and donation collectors must be 18 years old or older and wear high visibility safety apparel meeting current standards.

Donations may not be collected in a roadway in a construction zone, and a portion of the roadway where the solicitation occurs must be in an intersection that has traffic control devices.


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