Readers comment about the removal of the Paint Creek ‘Rocks’– from Lake Orion Review’s Facebook page

The story about the the removal of “The Rocks” was posted the evening of Sept. 26, on The Lake Orion Review’s Facebook page.

On Sept. 27, 14 hours after the post: 46,107 people had been reached, with 363 shares and 107 comments.

As of Tuesday morning, the story had reached more than 80,000 people, with 509 shares and 144 comments.

Editor’s Note: The comments have not been edited for grammar and puncuation, but have been edited for profanity.

Jessica Woodward wrote: Thanks to all the punks for repeatedly trashing that area. A part of Lake Orions history is now gone thanks to you.

Austin Pupkiewicz responded: Actually it’s the city council’s fault, so you can blame them for it, because they dubbed the rocks an “eyesore” and until now they had no problem with them, the graffiti will continue trust me, so speak with a city council member about their decision they didn’t discuss with the public.

Toni Scharnhorst: Yes!,thank you! our sentiments exactly! we moved here to get away from the ghetto!!! this crap is not art, you want that kind of art, go to the ghetto of detroit, or even closer drive down side streets in ponti-crack!!! it’s not art!!!

Those rocks are and were nothing short of a public eyesore!!!!! it’s not art!!!

Rollie Pouget, responding to Toni Scharnhorst: annnd that’s your opinion. most people I know that bike or walk the trail stop to look at the rocks. It was very cool.

New posts:

Joel S. Kolodziejczak: Wait…. is that the old troll bridge? I remember that place from 20 plus years ago. Just never knew what it was. Lol. I think my friends called it the Troll Bridge.

Joseph Johnson: I say good riddance. They were an eyesore.

Amanda Lynn: Glad we got our family pics and senior pics done before it was removed..

Jason Davis: Even though it was graffiti it was still art.

Toni Scharnhorst: It’s garbage, there’s a place for everything, and defacing nature is not art…it’s trash!!!

Mackenzie Beyer: I think your opinion is garbage.

Corey Dion: Those were man made rocks… not nature.

Missy Addams: What an awful thing to do.


Tom Pollock: So sad, what a terrible and stupid decision to remove the rocks. The city council seriously screwed up on this one.

Christina Freeman: The rocks were super cool.

Becca Mix: While there was definitely sentimental value to this, I’ve always wondered about the pollution.

David Movahedan: Wow. I can’t believe it.

Kim Jeffery: Still had senior pics scheduled but not anymore

Siren Lynn: I liked all the colors. There’s plenty of things here in LO that are more of an “eyesore”

Melissa Mize: Wow! That’s horrible. Glad they’ve finally been removed. I can’t believe it took so long. How did they get there to begin with?

Toni Scharnhorst: How did they get where, piled up to be removed? local snots defaced nature, n made it look like the ghetto in detroit, we moved out here to get away from it!

Joe Juncaj: Toni Scharnhorst what are you talking about? ??. Those rocks make paint creek trail unique…

Austin Michael McGee: I understand why they’re taking the rocks out because of the pollution, but it’s a shame they have to destroy the rocks. What if they just kept the rocks but moved them somewhere else so people can still enjoy the beauty and art.

Bill Hayes: Glad I got to see them one last time

Paige Marie: This is the saddest news I’ve ever seen!

William Schuman: More like they just couldnt stand for kids and adults to have a place to gather and hang very sad the rest is just the made up excuses they came up with to try to make themselves not look like complete @$#%&*, &*#@! me off planed on making years and years of more memories with my kids there….used to meet some really nice people down there and hear all their memories of years and years of stoping there always was a LO stop when i was passn through my old home town just ask any one thats anybody if they know what the rock are most people knew RIP the rocks…

Ryan James Wolfe: That’s beyond sad, wonder why they had to ruin a good thing?

Megan Leister: Omg… This hurts my heart

Travis Sartele: It started with stadium dr in 1995 when they removed the rock every senior had painted for the last 30 years!! It was my right of passage stolen from me.

Adam Redmond: There goes another of the few remaining bits of homespun character Lake Orion has… Does anyone else see the irony of removing the painted rocks from Paint Creek?

Josh Polan: They should move the debris toward the trail. Keeps everyone happy. No paint in the water and still able to preserve history

Reggie Harrison: I thought they were an artistic expression of the youth of our community. Have visited that spot dozens of times… Kinda sad they are gone

Glen Michael: They’re cool but I understand why the Township removed them. I’ve seen paint cans, spray bottles, beer cans/bottles, a shopping cart and even a microwave in that part of the river, along with other random trash. Not to mention a few people who’ve tagged other adjacent areas where it’s not ok. Sucks that a few idiots can ruin it for everyone.

Greyson Ritter: Just to give a shakedown of the important bits:

1 good news! Now you can fish for trout!

2 it created a dam effect, the water management company threw a hissy fit! ?? “i dont like these big rocks being here, even though they’ve been here for 30 years” said the whiny %$# water company

Natasha Hampshire: What a bummer they removed them! They were so cool

Jason C Davis: Some of you guys really should think about what we actually have here with Paint Creek. Were the painted chunks of old concrete kind of cool? Sure. Are they a historic reminder of what Rudd’s Mill once was? Certainly. But we have the highest quality trout stream south of Bay City and east of Lansing. This creek is an absolute gem that was getting polluted every year because of that spray paint. Perhaps joining a river cleanup project would enlighten you guys. Every fall we take 5 to 8 huge bags of trash out of that section, including between 20 to 30 empty spray paint cans. Hopefully the removal of these concrete canvases will reduce the trash people feel compelled to dump in the creek,

Tina Lee: Removing the rocks won’t stop kids from being kids. It was a super cool place to meditate. I took my granddaughter there (she’s 2) and she loved it as well. They’re just going to continue painting the trees and the bridge.

Gina Hensley: Samantha Johnstone, Stephanie M Revers, we can die now. Our lives are over

Rachelle Elizabeth: As a person who cares about the environment, I think this was a good move. However, as a person who looks upon my angsty teenage years with sweet nostalgia, I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t break my heart a little.

Adam Milberg: Lame

David Revers: Guess people will have to go back to bathroom stalls to find out who to call for a good time.

Ashley Susan: Good! About time.


2 Responses to "Readers comment about the removal of the Paint Creek ‘Rocks’– from Lake Orion Review’s Facebook page"

  1. gene thecat   October 11, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Lets be accurate here…..These weren’t “rocks” they were concrete slabs from the dam that collapsed long ago. This turned into any area that kids hung out smoked and drank and spray painted male genitalia and profanity on anything they could. The police now have one less area to patrol. And it didn’t cost the tax payers a dime !

  2. Roger Brodeur   October 11, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    That graffiti rock area is simply the place where the teenagers go to hang out and smoke weed. It’s kind of fun to ride down the hill on my bike and surprise them. They hate it when an adult shows up!


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