A Sense of Home and History

Historic Paint Creek United Methodist Church is located at 4420 Collins Rd. between Rochester and Adams Road off Orion Road.
I found Paint Creek Church almost five years ago. There was an “at home” relaxed feeling that only the small church of my childhood provided, and that goes back many years.
My memories of church on Sundays included a warm welcome; lots of smiles; people chatting before the service; using real hymn books; singing the old hymns; a small church choir; and great food on potluck Sunday.
In other words, I found a sense of comfort and a sense of peace.
Not to mention how much I enjoyed the beautiful drive on Orion Road, especially in the spring, summer and fall months.
Sunday, after the service everyone is invited to fellowship over a potluck, brunch or just a cup of coffee.
I learned that this one hundred and sixty-year-old building would not be standing today without the dedication of an active church council, as well as many volunteers. This beautiful old building was dedicated in 1855 on the original site located on Gunn Road and Buell Road.
In 1887 the church was dismantled and reconstructed at its present location on Collins Road.
Thereafter, an annex was added to the church in 1953. I had to asked myself how this old building could have survived for more than one and a half centuries?
It seems that determination, hard work and generosity of past and present members is a tradition of this little church. Those members have remained faithful and hopeful through all the “up and downs” that have occurred over the history of the church.
The tradition certainly continues as the present church council continues to plan for future updating and beautification.
The foundation of the church has been restored and a fresh coat of paint was completed in 2016.
But “not to worry”, we no longer use wood burning stoves.
Paint Creek UMC has a long history of who, what, when and where, but there is really no need for all the details because those facts did not keep our church doors open.
The love, dedication and friendship of past and present members is the reason our little church is still open today and welcoming new friends.
If you are looking for a church you can call “home” where everyone is welcome, then come by around 11 a.m. on Sunday and decide for yourself.
Patricia Wise
Lake Orion Review subscriber

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