Who Knew? Awareness is always the first key, and understanding would follow our awareness

Not me!

In the past several days I, like you, have been busy in preparing for this time in quarantine for my parents and my family.

Like you, my life prior to this virus was already busy and everything was squeezed in where and when it could be. Now more has been added on top of that and it is something we have never experienced before.

With many people now sent home to work, it has changed the scope of life around the world for everyone.

But, who knew?

Often throughout our lives, we have heard of the flu being in another country that could spread here. They would talk so much about it and nothing really happened; it became like the voice of Lucy, the Peanuts character, “Blah, blah, blah.”

For me it started off that way this time too.

Although others were telling me to stay at home, I had to go out for my weekly supply of food and to check on my parents’ medicines and food.

Next up was to plan how Unity Church of Lake Orion could offer a weekend service online, something new to us. Also: connecting with groups like A/A, Al-Non, and N/A about their meetings at the church.

With the idea of a germ floating around, who knew there would be so many things to take into consideration?

Who knew? The researcher in me wanted to know more. Turns out an epidemiologist named Larry Brilliant knew. He made a video 14 years ago that describes what is happening today. During that time Larry, and many others in that same field, told the leaders of many countries this would happen and preparation was necessary. They wanted the countries to come together and track germs, like a flu or virus, with the hope they could totally stop pandemics.

I like to think if I had known more on pandemics, or had we all been taught about them in school, we would have known to be semi-prepared.

Awareness is always the first key, and understanding would follow our awareness. It’s likely people wouldn’t have been concerned about running out of groceries, toilet paper or water.

During this time of uncertainty, our knowledge would win over our fear and worry. We do not have all the answers or solutions yet, but we know these fears and worries have put us on the right path together, a spiritual path. If you have not been able to see it yet, know that good will come out of all this. Many new ideas and treatments will be created and already leadership and medical teams around the world are sharing data and connecting with each other.

On this spiritual journey called life, when you cannot understand the who, what, where, when, why or how of something I encourage you to stop wondering and trust.

When these thoughts are going through your consciousness, it is time to notice God, our higher Power and the energy that has organized and created all there is, is at work! So, step out of the way and let that universal energy work.

This energy will work clearing out all that no longer serves the good of the entire universe.

The world has existed for almost 14 billion years. It is not hard to imagine that from time to time it needs to readjust itself, and why not?

We change frequently and now this will change our lives again as we adapt to our ever-changing planet.

We personally cannot make it right or change the dynamics, but there is power when we work together as a group for the best of humanity. This is how the energy consciousness of the world changes.

In spiritual living, we look at the universe as a whole and watch how everything is connected. In doing so, we find that everything we do has an effect on the world including the sun, moon, planets and the stars and they all affect us because God made it all.

Do not question why we have this pandemic in our lives; we were born to play our part in this time of change.

Meditate and pray, having faith in the greater good of all mankind. Trust the energies of the universe as a whole to be working together through the God energy that you know exists.

All countries in the world have been infected by this virus. This shows us that even though we live on one side of the world, what happens on the other side has the same experience because we are all one. People are people no matter what country they call home.

The speedy spread of a virus and the need to work together with other countries tells us a new consciousness in humanity is being formed.

Whatever has to change will and the changes will advance us into a better way of living.

Know, this is a new age and we were born for this time – knowledge is power!

Many Blessings,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at unitylakeorion.org.

Visit her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website, aspiritualwalk.com.


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