What is Pandemic Fatigue?

Pandemic Fatigue is a new term that we’re going to be hearing about a lot.  Why?  Because according to the US Surgeon General, there’s one big reason for the recent resurgence of COVID 19 cases as we go into the Holidays.  People are relaxing on lifesaving preventative measures because they’re just tired of it.

The term “Pandemic Fatigue” certainly sounds authoritative.  Some might even say it’s reminiscent of Combat Fatigue.  But just because the media uses this name does not mean it is a diagnosis or condition.  We have yet to see any medical associations defining or approving the term for diagnostic purposes.

Instead, the term is used collectively to describe a natural phenomenon playing out right now with many people across the country, particularly seniors, who are in the highest risk category.  When people are deprived of freedoms and human contact with no end in sight, it forces decisions.  And since the decisions left to us are mainly unenforceable, such as handwashing and behaving respectfully, we’re each prone to do what is best for us.

The demographics with the lowest risk generally oppose more significant restrictions and vice versa. But even those who have the most significant risk, our seniors, have begun to shift from their cautious viewpoints.

Many seniors are deciding that it’s not worth it.  It’s not worth their declining mental and physical health to keep going this way.

In a hypothetically ideal situation, we’d all seal ourselves inside of personal bubbles with all the supplies for the next year or so and just wait this thing out.  But many people have jobs or need one to feed their family.

Others may be retired or in positions to isolate at this level, but at what cost?

No one knows how much time they have left.  And we all ask ourselves how we want to spend the time we have left.  What if all the safety only buys safety in a perpetual state?

They want to make the most of what they have left, no matter how little that may be.

Pandemic Fatigue may not be a real “condition,” but it sums up the problem.  Now, it’s time for each of us to decide.

Are we rational or just fatigued?

Marcel Gemme

Marcel Gemme is an active journalist in the field of Substance Abuse and Senior Care. He has dedicated his life to helping others find help. He focuses his attention on assisting individuals in finding long-term Senior Care. He does this through his journalism, community outreach, and his website, ECDOL.org.  Excellent Care, Decency, and Optimal Living are what he aims to bring to individuals looking for care options for themselves or their aging loved ones.

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