Webber Elementary School embraces Positivity Project

Webber Elementary School embraces Positivity Project

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

Students at Webber Elementary convened in their gymnasium on Friday morning for a special presentation introducing The Positivity Project.

“We’re kicking off The Positivity Project at Webber which is really about ‘other people matter’ and we’re going to teach the children 24 character traits that we all have in us and teach them what those mean and how to exhibit those so that we can make the world and Webber a better place,” said Jennifer Goethals, Principal of Webber Elementary.

Through The Positivity Project students will learn about traits such as bravery, social intelligence, love of learning, curiosity and so many more.

“We all have strengths that help this world be a better place and the Webber teachers are going to help you find those strengths and work on those strengths so that we can make Webber, Lake Orion, Michigan and the world a better place,” Goethals told the students. “The goal is #OtherPeopleMatter, which means that it’s not always about you. That it is more important to help a friend or to help a teacher or help mom and dad because some really smart scientists, you know what they said? ‘If I’m helping someone else, it makes me happier’…so we are going to work on that.”

Webber Elementary is the fourth school in the district to begin The Positivity Project. Carpenter Elementary, Oakview and Learning Options all currently participate in The Positivity Project.