Vote your conscience on August 4

In the July 15, 2020 Lake Orion Review, a question was asked, “How important is it to listen to residents and address their concerns?”

The three incumbent Township Trustees voiced the typical rhetoric that we always hear. But their actions and their words don’t match, this is particularly troublesome to me.

1. Simple Language: The language used in proposals presented to the Township Board members are written in such a manner that residents don’t have a full understanding of what’s being asked. This sentiment is true in other matters too.

2. Single Garbage Hauler: The Township had this subject on its radar as far back as December 2014. In the April 17, 2019 Lake Orion Review, the Township Supervisor stated “I can tell you, taking no action is not an option”. I am curious why our elected officials did not act sooner and put this on the ballot so the Township residents could have their voices heard? Many Township residents were not pleased that they did not have a VOICE to choose the services best for them.

3. New Township Hall: The Township Board of Trustees may be within its authority to use tax payer funds to construct or repair public buildings such as in the “new Barnett Township Hall”. But, these questions need to be answered:

A) Where is the capital coming from?

B) What will be the expenditures?

C) What is the residual effects (future costs)? and

D) How much of the proposed Police millage in the form of rent will be used to pay for this new Hall?

Any fiscally responsible person and taxpayer should want to know these things. I am curious as to why our elected officials did not provide the Township residents an open discussion or informational meeting? Most importantly, why was this topic not on the ballot so the Township residents could have their voices heard?

In conclusion, I have provided examples of why the incumbent Trustees have proven through their own actions, that they are not true leaders. Voters are NOT provided opportunities for their voices to be heard. It is time to elect leaders, who value open communication before major expenditures or major decisions are made. As a long-time resident of Orion, I take pride in my community, and I always vote my conscience.

Are you with me? Vote your conscience on August 4.

Neal Porter

Orion Twp.


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