Vote to represent the citizens

Orion Township is having a difficult time sorting out the good and the bad as to who will properly represent the citizens of the Township.
As in all elections we need those who will provide the following: a honest representative, a transparent person, someone that does not need a position as a job, someone who will not have a private reason for their decision they make for the Township, someone who doesn’t have a group such a church who follows in her foot steps, someone who has a great moral value, and does not think cheating on your spouse and family with employee’s is ok, and a Treasurer that does not work, and pays himself because he can and knows nothing about the position. Please see the Oakland Press dated 03/05/2014. And does his private business while he is in the Township office, when he should be involved in Township business.
Please study and think hard before re-electing Barnett, Thurber and Shults.
David W. Duenow
Orion Township resident

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  1. Mary MacMaster   July 25, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    It would seem that Mr. David Duenow fails in the knowledge that our Supervisor Chris Barnett does NOT have any candidates running against him. I’m extremely glad of that fact.


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