Village Council meetings are truly embarrassing

I am relatively new to the Village of Lake Orion and cannot understand how the elected council and administration for a village government that has been in existence since 1859 does not know the law, charter and rules of procedure for being a village government and council.
The council members, administration and village attorney cannot agree on basic meeting and decision-making procedures. They often make statements that have no known documentation or basis in fact.
This lack of basic procedural understanding is truly embarrassing for the Village of Lake Orion.
I have brought this to the attention of the council several times with no response.
Some others have said I have done nothing but complain since I moved here but I have yet to hear anyone say I am wrong in my claims. They are based on facts, what occurs at public meetings, and what is on the public record.
I recommend everyone watch the first 50 minutes of the Jan. 9, 2023 village council meeting, decide if you are better informed, and if the council understands how things should be done.
As I said, I am new to the village and perhaps for some unknown reason this is all acceptable to the residents and taxpayers of the village. I hope not, as it can and should be done better.
I would like to know how can we be confident in anything our village government does if the governing council appears to not know how to do what they are supposed to do?
Cory Johnston
Village of Lake Orion

Editor’s Note: Village of Lake Orion council meetings are at 7:30 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of the month at Village Hall, 21 E. Church St.

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  1. Cory, may I ask you HOW NEW are you to the VIllage of Orion?? I am going on 88yrs and just out side Village limits it is turning into a real follow the LEADER where there seams to be BIG????? WHO ARE THE LEADERS ?? the people or the $$$$sign???? but there is always the BIG $$$$ sign the VILLAGE meeting i have been to most public attendance was 15-20 people the third or fourth was T.R.O. with people out side the hall. there are appox 31-3200 residents of the village now and just 15-20 people in atendence just does not set the table if you get my run, two years ago i a had Talk with a person who lives in the village(23yrs) about the round-a-bout at East Flint to her it is good thing and i said with only 23yrs she was a nubbe and the i have waited in my yrs of driving that long for the traffice sig to chg to green, i was told IF i didn’t like the round a bout the just MOVE, and this came from a busIness owner. It does not take long to see the oil on top of the water around here. The traffic problem at the circle to downtown Flint and Broadway st and then 2 bocks West to Flint and M24 heck of a GOOD move.

    • The only thing wrong with the Traffic Round-About is the people that do not understand how it is SUPPOSED TO WORK. Being ALERT to traffic, IF CLEAR, keep going thru, if not Clear STOP UNTIL CLEAR, or a Safe opening to the Round-About exists for you vehicle. If NO TRAFFIC, DO NOT STOP. ALWAYS be ALERT to Traffic coming in from the other Two streets. If Clear, DO NOT STOP. ALSO BE ALERT FOR Pedestrians & Bicycles.

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