Unique, Rare, Exclusive or Different…

It’s snowing and again I turn my thoughts to the beauty of the new falling snow for spiritual thoughts to flow in. Sometimes, when there is a light snow, and I am out in it, I will often take a good close-up look at a few of the flakes. Especially those that land on something dark because then you can see their form a little better. My curiosity becomes piqued and I may get very close and look very intently at a couple of the flakes. I am looking to see if the story is true, are all snowflakes different? Up close they look pretty but I cannot tell if they are all truly different. For one thing, I am only looking at only a couple; and, two, you might need more than just the naked eye.

So, with that thought I asked Google if snowflakes are all different. I found many places saying; yes they are. You can visit snowcrystals.com and find out about men who have researched snowflakes, or unique frozen crystals, since 1611. There is a Penn State article online that says – yes, all snowflakes look different and they look different because when they are formed the molecules in each snowflake have gone through a different process, or life path, while forming. Their shape is determined by many things such as; water vapor, pressure, cloud size, temperature, dust in the air, and many other things all having an effect on its growth and structure.

My research validated for me that God’s grand design is in each beautiful snowflake. That thought makes me ponder how wonderful God’s entire creation is! Every little detail has been added to everything including a snowflake! Nothing has been left up to chance, God’s energy touches everything! This is also true for you and me. Each of us are unique, rare, exclusive, and different individuals making our way through life.

Unless you are an identical twin you look different than all others; your look is exclusive. There are no two of us exactly alike. Should you be an identical twin you may look like your twin, but you are still exclusive. Identical twins are rare and that rareness makes you unique. Our individual look and personalities are exclusive to us and this is a good thing. When we make our mark on the world there is no mistaking who did it! How we look, act, learn and exist is all determined by the events our molecules go through while forming our life. Just like the snowflake, our uniqueness adds beauty to the world.

Our existence and everything that we can ever think, say or do fits into the vast energies of our creator. We are not stifled by God as Divine Mind, only by our own mind. God has no limitations and that means we have no limitations – we make the choices which affect our molecules. When you were younger an adult made choices for you. Don’t get stuck in those ways of being though. In our unlimited world if you didn’t like the choices others made for you, re-write those choices.

From experience, man has made rules or laws for us to follow, which creates an easier path for us. We can go against those rules and laws though and make our path more difficult. The choice of who we will individually be is ours to do and create. A lot exists in the world outside of you. How you react to all of it – that is what affects your molecules. Remember, everything we think or do in our lives is exclusive to our molecules, just like snowflakes.

From the beginning to the end of our lives we are always forming and shaping our unique pattern in life. What image we will leave is dependent on how we chose to go through our pathway of creation. What we give or do to acknowledge the greatness of God’s energy and how we give back to or take care of creation has an impact on us individually.

One thing that is certain, from our beginning to our end, our molecules are moving and changing within us. Those molecules shape what you look like from the pattern formed by how you lived your life. This is what makes you different, sets you apart from others and creates the image that is you.

You ARE, a unique, rare, exclusive child of God! Many blessings,

Linda La Croix,

Prayer Chaplain & Board President Unity of Lake Orion. See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, for uplifting posts.


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