Twp. resident questions switch to single garbage hauler

Orion Twp. Officials,

Well…I got my trash bill…you got your wish…hooray for you.

A couple weeks ago I wrote to complain about this plan to take money from the people of Orion. Didn’t do any good, but a lot of folks liked it.

I know that after the other (garbage) collectors were, somehow, ran off…these GFL people came and dictated to you exactly how this was going to work. I’m sure it was, “We’ve done this before, we’ll show you how.”

First, you put a notice in a paper about the meetings we’re going to have (kind of like when you need to divorce a deadbeat that ran off years ago and you don’t know where they are). It is a simple legal necessity.

You could have said, “let’s, at least, send a postcard to each and every resident so they will know about these meetings and we will have a view of how all the people feel about this plan.”

Well, no you can’t do that. These old people and the handicapped or poor people — the disenfranchised — will be there and disrupt everything. They will talk about sharing with a neighbor or that their kids do this for them, etc. Nope, we really don’t want them gumming up the works, do we.

However, someone came up with tens of thousands of dollars for an eight page, glossy, tri-color flyer to tell us that we were getting these containers, there would be no opting out, that it was mandatory and if we didn’t pay by the end of the year we could be assessed the payments like a tax cheat.

This was because they were looking out for us, right?

What I’m wondering is, if we are giving up all these millions of dollars to this Mega Billion Dollar Corporation, what are we getting? Laptops for our schools, new surfacing for our roads? They didn’t just get nothing, did they? A concerned citizen,

Richard Woodmancy

Orion Twp.