Trustee voting for Steele

Please join me in voting for Donni Steele for Orion Township Treasurer.
The Aug. 2nd local candidacy races are extremely important this year and will have far reaching impact on our community. Donni Steele, current township trustee and lifetime area resident, is seeking the full-time position of Township Treasurer.
In the last seven weeks, Donni has knocked on 8,000 doors, sought citizen input and has been listening to their concerns. She is thoroughly in touch with our community.
Donni is a hard working, dedicated, dependable and trustworthy individual. With Donni as Treasurer, you will see timely and comprehensive quarterly reports, paperless checks, updated software, transparency, integration and cost savings.
Let us vote for someone who truly wants the job, someone we will be proud of and someone you will be glad you voted for. Donni will do an awesome job as Treasurer. Vote Donni Steele August 2nd.
Mike Flood Jr.
Orion Township resident

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  1. Well put, Mike!! Donni is an exceptional manager, hard working, diligent and thorough … she will be a huge asset to the Township.

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