Tragedy has struck again with MSU shooting

It has hit our state again and I feel for the parents, and the students who gave up their lives and the ones who were shocked to experience such a terrible act at Michigan State University.
There isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t somebody shot and killed in Detroit or surrounding areas. How can we identify the person who may be a shooter?
When did this all start? Remember when we could pray in our schools and also before sports games (school and professional)?
Remember when the Ten Commandments hung on some school walls? The schools were told they had to come down. I heard a teacher lost his job because he and his team prayed before a game.
I remember back in 1996 or 1997 that at work we were no longer going to say “Merry Christmas” even though Christmas is the birth of Christ.
Think back, when did all these killings start? I know it wasn’t happening when my kids were in school.
Today’s society makes our young people feel free to do what they want. If you have sex and get pregnant, you just get an abortion. If you don’t like someone, just shoot him or her.
We are free to do what we want because there are no rules to follow for our young people.
God gave us the Ten Commandments to follow. How many people today don’t even know them?
Pat Lauer
Lake Orion
Editor’s Note: The gunman in the Michigan State University shooting was a 43-year-old male, not a student.

5 responses to “Tragedy has struck again with MSU shooting”

  1. There is an interesting concept called separation of church and state. If prayer in school is important , perhaps your child should attend parochial or Christian schools

  2. What will it take and how many killings before we eat our pride and recognize the rules God has put in place to give us the right guidance for living? Amen Pat. Thanks for taking a stand.

  3. Thank you Pat for your meaningful comments…people aren’t respectful or kind anymore… no one takes responsibility for anything.. people have kids but refuse to teach them right from wrong…I could go on and on… what a wicked world we live in…

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