Today I’m A Rambling Man (part 2)

In the June 19 Lake Orion Review I opined (good word) about some events and issues that were on my mind. So, this week I want to continue those thoughts.

Visited our Lake Orion library this past week. It is wonderful jewel in our town and if you haven’t been there lately you are missing a wonderful experience. Besides all the books and newspapers and magazines and videos, you can also check out a bike. Give it a try – you will not be disappointed.

June and July are traditional months for weddings and graduations and First Communions and other family events. If you get an invitation to any of these events, please respond to the RSVP. Talked to several people who have organized parties and was told many people did not respond to the invitation and some even show up without responding. This means that the host does not know how many people are coming, or may not be able to accommodate those who show up unannounced. Seems there is a group of people lacking social skills. Hey – just respond!

In 1961, Newton Minow, the former chair of the Federal Communications Commission, stated that television was a “vast wasteland.” And he said that before all the drivel that is on TV today, including the game shows and the “Bachelor” and Bachelorette” — mind-numbing programs.

And to top it off, a major network just devoted two hours to the Wallenda family tightrope walking across downtown New York City. It was billed as an example of having goals and meeting them. Really? Each participant had a tether wire attached to a harness in the event there was a fall. So how difficult was this? Heck, I could do that!

Just demonstrates the depth we have sunk too for entertainment and of course there are some people who I’m sure watched the entire spectacle probably taking time away from their studying for their high school diploma!

Water levels continue to rise and many homes have been swamped. Canoe rental sales have curtailed because many of the canoes and kayaks can’t go under some bridges because of the high water levels.

And in New Baltimore, Michigan snakes have found their way on to shore! Hope Lake Voorheis does not have any gators or snakes!

And congrats to the Lake Orion Bark Park which was just named the #1 park in the tri-county area!

So there you have it – more ramblings. Time to close with the Allman Brothers Band again:

Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man/Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can/And when it’s time for leavin’/I hope you’ll understand/That I was born a ramblin’ man

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion