The Mask – a deeper meaning

My last column was about being in unity with all that is happening in our life. The theme was centered on what staying at home because of the Covid-19 virus looked like and being in unity with that. It has changed our daily lives and, with the protests going on now, more change is coming and there is more to be in unity with.

I remind you on a spiritual walk we do not choose what is right or wrong but breathe in God and hold a vision in our minds of the life we want to live as time continues to change.

We changed again at Unity of Lake Orion and something new is we are now “Live” Sundays on Facebook at 10 a.m. The Covid-19 virus changed our way of providing Unity to the community. We were all given a new way to live, do and be.

Last week, my father and I experienced this new way to be when visiting his doctor’s office. When making the appointment, we were asked to wear a mask and call the office when we arrived in the parking lot.

After parking, I called in and once again was asked if we had masks and to put them on before entering the building. The door for the doctor’s office was wide open. As we entered, we were immediately met by a table where a bottle of hand sanitizer sat next to a note which said that everyone was required to use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the office.

That was new to us; in this new way of living, we could bypass the normal sitting time in the waiting room. We were taken in right away and when the appointment was over, the doctor told my father he’d see him in six months. My father replied, “If I am still alive you will.” The doctor laughed from behind his mask and my father told him, “You never know with this virus!” I explained that with so many different reports in the news, my father was not sure if wearing a mask was the right thing. The doctor looked at my dad and said, “Well, absolutely, wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and I will see you in six months!”

In the beginning of this new era my mother-in-law said, “I don’t know if my germs will get along with your germs.”

The more I research Covid-19, the more that makes sense to me and so does wearing a mask to not mix germs. Early in this virus outbreak, the masks were in short supply and that is when some very talented and loving hearts began creating and sewing masks. I call that God in action! When I see others wearing masks, I sense the feeling that there is a deeper respect for humankind on the horizon. The masks are for themselves as well as others.

There is a deeper meaning in wearing a mask for me. It tells me other people understand the world is not about them individually; the world is about everyone.

It is a time of the collective which is everybody, not just your household or family, but all people living in this world right now. What happens to one has a ripple effect on us all. If you see yourself and others as children of God, you know how to take care of the collective. That’s perfect! We do not judge or harm them – we forgive, love, make peace, create balance, support, and find unity. These are important to be expressed by you to others or you will hold the opposite captive within your own body, mind, spirit and soul. That affects your own internal unity with life.

As you practice in prayer or meditation, think about the entire collective, what have you come here to do or be? Expand your consciousness out to God’s Source Energy and then link it back to yourself. That will help you be in the Oneness with God and unity with all of life as the world changes and resets itself creating our new way to be. Think about what your new world is going to look like? This is a busy time but do not be drawn too far into it that you judge others. Respect this new time and the changes coming forward. Let God know how you want the end result to look like in your life then let go of the end result and let God do God!

When you are given the opportunity to help someone out, be God in action! We have no part to play in life except to lay down our ego and/or help others do the same.

“We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just please ourselves.” Romans 15:1-2 (NLV)

The Christ in me sees the Christ in you,

Linda La Croix


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