The Influence of Divine Connections

Wow, what a week we are experiencing! We ended daylight savings time, mid-term elections and a new moon, all in the same week! I threw in the new moon, because when living life as a spiritual walk you come to understand that God who has created everything has given each creation a divine connection to the other. When I look at how the earth and other planets move through space I am amazed at how these huge things are suspended by an energy which keeps them from running into the others. It is like there is a mutual respect to be in each other’s space without hurting the divine purpose of one another. Instead, they move around with a great fluency which is not guided by anyone.

Each one is an individual, no two exactly alike, and yet, would the destruction of one planet have any effect on the others? I am not a scientist, but I believe each planet has an innate energy which keeps them balanced and doing what they need to do without damaging one another. I understand that energy to be a higher power. This higher power keeps the world, the universe, and all in it, in suspension. If you have read my columns before you know that I call this higher power, God. It is my understanding, that during the time our earth home is near another planet, we are influenced by the type of energy those planets carry, showing us, we are in nature and nature is us!

This does not mean that I worship the astrological side of life, but I do hold respect for it as the universe and all its workings were created by the same God as me! If I deny that creation, I deny a piece of myself. We are created from the “One” source, so that means every one of us is interconnected to the others and each connected to what is happening in the universe. There is only one energy; God energy, so what we do to others we do to ourselves. This connection may only be by a fluency of energy, but our bodies are energy! Just like when you watch another person yawn and it makes you yawn, so too will other actions have an effect on you.

My prayer for all of us is that we recognize the universe was not made just for us to have a life. We exist because God’s love overflowed from the creation of the universe. It was a giving of love to create life by divine purpose. That life would become caretakers which would give love back to creation. Each of us plays an active role in the divine creation. There was never only one Adam and Eve. Being all one, each of us carry some energy of Adam and Eve. Like them our lives can be influenced and we can be challenged too. Acknowledge the influences you have in your life and find ways to overcome those for the good. See any challenges as a way for you to make things better. You may only be working in your little corner of existence, but nonetheless, know what you do and how you handle your challenges will have an effect on all of life.

No one comes into life alone. Life circumstances might make it seem that way, but do not hold onto that untruth. Every generation comes in as a group and you will find many similarities in the people of each group. To me this validates that there is a divine presence working in our lives and it brings forth teams of individuals and each has an impact on the other. Each team is here to return a positive love back to creation. Why don’t we always do that? Unlike the planets I mentioned earlier, we have “free will” which is the opportunity to choose. We choose how we will show up in life for our team. We choose how what we do or do not do will impact others and all of creation.

When we do not return love back to creation, we energetically influence the divine connection of all that is. By stepping away from the actions that come from the kind and loving existence which we were created for we disrupt the fluency of energies and we get in each other’s way. We are all here and now, creation has called upon us to find better ways of keeping checks and balances in our lives without falling out of unity with each other. Do not live life for what it can give you, like Eve did. Allow your goodness to serve others, helping them to be as successful as possible. If we do our job correctly we can influence all of life and all of creation. We will then live deeper in the energy of God’s creation where harmony is.

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix — Is the Unity Director and Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Find more on her Facebook page – A Spiritual Walk


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