Thank you, Good Samaritan (and firefighter)

On Friday, my husband rode his motorcycle to an outdoor spin class. Upon arriving, he realized that his wallet was not with him.

After texting me, to see if he had left it at home, which he hadn’t, he realized it must have fallen out onto the roadway somewhere.

Before he returned home, I received a visitor at my front door. A man was standing there, in a mask, asking if I knew someone, by my husband’s name, and of course I said yes.

He held out the missing wallet and said he found it on Newman Road. I was so relieved to see that everything was still in tact. I went to give him something for his trouble but he would not accept it. He told me that he recently lost his wallet and that a fireman had returned his wallet to him.

Thank you sir, (I didn’t get his name) for your kindness and for your selfless act of doing something so honorable.

It’s great to know that we do have some Good Samaritans in our community.

Paula Nawrocki



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