Thank God for Everything…

All of us have heard the saying; “like attracts like” which many know as the law of attraction.

In New Thought Churches like Unity, you will find we understand and work with this concept all the time. It’s not referred to as “the law of attraction”, but the will of our thoughts in creating our life.

We understand the philosophy to watch what we say because our brain is always listening. We know what you believe, you will receive and what you think about comes about!

It is the love of Divine Mind (God) to give you his kingdom. God wants you to have a good life so that you will share that good with others.

Try it, visualize, affirm and say positive thoughts often, and when your brain hears those it will respond quickly. When the positive thoughts begin to show up more in your talk, positive things will begin showing up more in your life.

At that time remember to show your gratitude by being thankful. Since “like attracts like,” the more thanks you give, the more good will come to you. Soon you will have so much good in your life you will be saying thank you often.

Can you even imagine that? Well, it’s true.

As a spiritual person you must remember to check in with yourself regularly. If you are feeling negative emotions that don’t feel quite right when you check in, you will know immediately that the health of your body/mind is being affected.

To free yourself from undesirable thoughts and emotions begin by taking baby steps in being thankful. Be thankful even when you think there is nothing to be thankful for, because that is simply just not true!

Right now, I am thankful for you, because you are beginning to open your mind to the greater good that God has in this world. You are seeing there is more out there for you and wanting to learn how to put it into your grasp.

I am thankful that you are open and accepting to the knowing that you are a child of God. That is the biggest knowing to be thankful for!

Repeat that and be thankful all day and see how your energy shifts into a better place.

God is the higher power known to create more abundant blessings and shift your life from the same ole’ same ole’ to “oh my gosh, I never knew life could be like this!”

When you are feeling blessed and you thank God for your blessings you are stepping away from your ego. With a grateful heart you are returning an energized “thank you” to God.

Practicing it takes a focused mind, but it is easy work and as a spiritual mentor I have seen many won to God’s greatness by starting with the baby steps of being thankful.

In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18(KJV)


Linda La Croix

Linda La Croix is Prayer Chaplain & Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion.

Look for La Croix’s column, A Spiritual Walk, regularly in

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