Teacher Appreciation week during the pandemic

Lake Orion Community Schols Superintendent Marion Ginopolis will regularly share thoughts and updates about district-related topics in the Review.

The month of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation month, with this first week considered Teacher Appreciation week. Despite not being in their regular classrooms, they are still playing a crucial role in the lives of LOCS students and I want to thank all of them who continue to educate and inspire our students in the midst of this pandemic.

This year my appreciation for teachers is even more well-deserved than ever before. When the pandemic hit, they had to completely adjust their teaching to an online platform in a very brief amount of time and with no playbook to guide them. Many of our teachers are connecting virtually with their students from their homes at the same time attending to their own families and “homeschooling” their children.

With families now at the center of their child’s learning at home, the respect for what teachers do every day is at an all-time high. The comment below I received from a parent demonstrates how much they are appreciated not only by the district, but also by parents.

“I think the district has done a fantastic job with all the extremely difficult decisions that have had to be made quickly and during an unprecedented time. I also appreciate the support of the (district) staff SO much. Miss seeing everyone, but just knowing they’re an email or Zoom call away is comforting. I am so grateful to have the learning plan each week; it has been very helpful.”

Many have humorously expressed their new respect for teachers on social media with comments like “who do I call for a substitute teacher”? and “how do I get this kid transferred out of my class?”

It goes without saying that the work our teachers do is important and does make a difference for each and every student with whom they connect not just during this week, but all year long. Please join me in thanking our Lake Orion Community Schools teachers for all they do every day.


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