Support the Lake Orion DDA

While there is still a lot of displaced anger about the Moceri project it should not be put on the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority. This organization exists to help the downtown community.
It is not exclusive to Orion. Nearly all communities have one. Rochester does events, including the light show. Oxford helps renovate the store fronts on M-24. Fenton has really taken off due to their DDA kickstarting a property. And many more examples.
I too had questions about the bond. In attending the open meeting and getting the facts I now fully support them.
Defunding the DDA will not lower your individual tax one cent. Instead that money will go to Oakland General fund.
If the DDA does not secure the lumber yard it will be sold and likely be developed into up to 120 units condos.
Just like camp Agawam was saved by the township.
Come to the meetings.
Get informed.
You can make a difference.
Scott Gabriel
Orion resident

2 responses to “Support the Lake Orion DDA”

  1. Why did the REQUEST for the BOND ( 1-12-22 Orion review increase from 2.5mil )TO 5.00mil with no EXPLANATION as to WHY the asking INCREASE

  2. The writer seems to not be fully informed on this subject.
    First is that the Moceri projects have nothing to do with the $5 million bond proposed by the DDA and little to do with the DDA other than the DDA is in support of them happening. At this time, it has still not been determined what that bond will be for other than the property purchase as the DDA is still discussing what their plans are for the Lumber Yard property.
    Next is that if the Lumber Yard property is owned by the DDA, it pays no taxes. It does pay property taxes now and would pay even more if developed by a private owner. The DDA, meaning the taxpayers, will also have to pay for any improvements with so far no known return on that investment.
    Finally, while the amount of taxes paid will not change if the DDA is eliminated, they would go to the entities that voted for them versus the DDA which was never voted for by the public and is financed by tax funds that the public never voted to go to this unelected shadow government that does not seem to answer to anyone.
    Yes, you can go to the meeting, and you can make comments. That’s the law in Michigan. However, the public policy of the DDA is that “This Board will not respond to any public comment.” and that policy is clearly stated on their meeting agenda.

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