Support Taylor, McQuiston, Bresett and Morris for LOCS school board

Lake Orion has an important choice in the November election—and that choice will impact the future of our schools, our property values and the strength of our community.

As we vote for our Board of Education, we need to look at the tremendous strides Lake Orion Schools have made over the past several years.

We have always had talented teachers, but under the stewardship of the current board, our staff and students have been supported with significant investments that bring our schools into the 21st century.

These investments have paid off in higher achievement, enhanced technology and robust programs for students that prepare them for the world ahead, whether that be work, college/university or technical/trade school.

Our students have more opportunities than ever before and that has come with the support of our Board of Education.

For this reason and more, I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Scott Taylor and Birgit McQuiston.

Taylor and McQuiston volunteer endless hours of their time in numerous efforts within our schools, aside from their official roles on the board. There is rarely a district or school event where I don’t see one or both of them. They care about the future of all our students, ask thoughtful questions, do their own research and listen to teachers and administrators, who are the educational experts in our schools.

As a parent, I have reached out with questions and concerns and find them very responsive and willing to talk through issues.

I have seen some concerns on social media about options available as we began the school year. I would strongly caution people not to make this election about what happens during a pandemic.

Every school district in Michigan and the nation has had to pivot to protect the safety of students and staff in this unprecedented time.

I am confident that administration will work to bring students back in-seat as quickly and safely as possible, BUT we need to have people on our BOE who can look past the pandemic and take us into the future.

We are well on our way toward becoming a premier school district and we need to have the right people in place to continue.

I urge you to join me in voting for Scott Taylor and Birgit McQuiston, as well as Misty Morris and Danielle Bresett, new to this election but longstanding fixtures in our school community.

Kerry Birmingham

Orion Twp.


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