Support John Reilly for state representative

John Reilly is one of the most in-touch, hard-working representatives in the state who stands for our values.

He’s operated his own small business and stands for reducing government intrusion in our lives. John Reilly was instrumental in getting bi-partisan support for the historic legislation that will finally give Michigan drivers breaks in our car insurance.

He is an honest man of personal integrity, and stands to reduce government excess.

Alternatively, his opponent is a long-time government-paid psychologist who represents the far left of our political spectrum. Her donors expect big government solutions that will cost us our earnings and personal freedoms.

I first met John Reilly when he came door to door, personally introducing himself to families in our community. He’s active with several different church groups, listening and talking on matters of faith, freedom, personal responsibility, and the importance of community involvement in solving our problems.

John Reilly is my representative, and I hope you’ll support him the way he’s supported our communities.

Mike Kurschat

Oakland Township


One Response to "Support John Reilly for state representative"

  1. Lori Lynch   October 22, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    I first learned about John when I visited his facebook page after the 2016 election and he was displaying his ignorance by claiming he did not believe the wage gap for working women was real. Nice intro, huh? He went on over the years to fulfill his potential by denying climate change was real, supporting protests at the capital where armed people tried to intimidate our legislature, not supporting financial decisions that would do the most good for the majority of our schools, etc. He is continually divisive, dismissive, and cares not so much for legislation as he does his own dogma. He doesn’t believe the LGBTQ community should have equal protections if it may interfere with his religious beliefs, and I’ve personally heard him say this twice. So no, he is not in touch with our community as he only listens to those who agree with him.
    Jody LaMacchia has worked hard to show that she will represent ALL of the constituents with fair and balanced decision making. She has honed her problem-resolution skills by working with families going through difficult situations in our courts. She is genuine, caring and has shown over and over again that she will head to Lansing to Bridge the Divide. Our community and our state need more people like Jody who want to show up, put in the effort and have the difficult conversations. We will have a representative in Lansing, and I prefer it be one that we can be proud of.


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