Support Danielle Bresett for Lake Orion school board

I am writing to endorse Lake Orion School Board Trustee candidate Danielle Bresett.

I have known Danielle for nine years. We met and became friends when our sons were in kindergarten together at Blanche Sims. During our time there, Danielle was highly involved. Not only in volunteering in our sons’ classrooms, but also volunteering with various events organized by the PTO. She was always the first without hesitation to ask, “How can I help?”

When our sons left Blanche Sims for Oakview Middle School, her willingness to continue to support the teachers and PTO did not waiver.

Danielle proudly serves on the Daisy Project Board and has been involved specifically with planning and coordinating LO Palooza at Wildwind Amphitheater.

Danielle has also helped support the efforts of Blessings in a Backpack Trivia Night since its inception.

I personally feel Danielle Bresett is the right choice for Lake Orion School Board Trustee because she is passionately vested in Lake Orion! Being a life-long Dragon and an active volunteer in this community, she has a deep love and understanding of its dynamics.

Danielle is thoughtful and level-headed when discussing the challenging issues that lay before us. She is a critical thinker who is not only interested in the “numbers” but how that data affects the real people behind them.

I respectfully ask that you support Danielle Bresett for Lake Orion School Board Trustee.

I have no doubt, that if given the honor to serve the community, she will do so with integrity and enthusiasm.

Thank you

Jodie Holden

Lake Orion


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