Supervisor: Yes to Sinking Fund

As Township Supervisor, it is my responsibility to look out for the best interests of Orion Township and the people that live here. During my tenure, I have learned one of the keys to a viable community is a continual influx of people of all ages, from school-age children to senior citizens. People move to Lake Orion for a variety of reasons but, based on a township survey conducted last year, the No. 1 factor is the quality of our school district. My daughters have flourished in our schools since 1999, as have those of countless numbers of my friends. I want the same for future generations of Dragons and that is why I am fully supporting the School District’s Building and Site Sinking Fund ballot proposal. I think it is indeed a smart way to take care of our public school buildings, which belong to this community, enabling the District to avoid diverting any more money from its annual instructional budget to address the needs of our aging facilities.
Furthermore, strong schools help foster strong home values, and Orion Township is no exception. People will notice if we do not take care of our school buildings. I firmly believe the functionality of our school buildings has a direct impact on the learning environment in which our children are exposed. Please join me in ensuring they have the optimal places to learn in Lake Orion for many years to come by voting YES in support of the Lake Orion building and site sinking fund.
Chris Barnett
Orion Township Supervisor

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  1. Pam Flaherty   July 30, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    spoken like a true politician, never mentioning that the total current Lake Orion school debt is over $150,000,000, debt does not foster strong home values.


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