Subscriber reads but does not always agree

I am writing this email in response to Don Rush’s “Why yes, indeed, I believe Jesus pooped.” Why anyone would be concerned as to whether He did or did not, is beyond me. While no one can answer if He pooped with certainty, it is most probable that He did. He took on human form and I would suppose that He took it on in total which included having bowel movements.
While the minister and his twelve disciples seemed to be concerned about this question/discussion as being insulting to God, think about what their reaction would have been if they were Muslin and the question was asked about Mohamed?
I find the question and article more in poor taste than an insult to our Creator. I found the article flippant especially when “Big Kahoona in the Sky” was used as a nickname for God. But then I find Mr. Rush’s articles contain frequent flippant and disrespectful comments.
But note, I still read them. Mr. Rush has the right to write them; Lake Orion Review has the right to publish them; I have the right to read or not read them; and the minister and his crew have the right to express their concerns and stop buying/reading (or not) the Lake Orion Review. We do live in a great country!
Jim Dresbach
Oxford resident/Review subscriber

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