State Champs! Lake Orion’s mens powerlifting team take 1st at state meet

Women’s powerlifting team finishes fourth

The Lake Orion’s mens and womens powerlifting teams headed to Ionia High School on March 9 and 10 for the MHSPLA State Powerlifting Championships.

Over 100 schools from around the state of Michigan and over 900 lifters participated in the meet that would decide the state champions.

Both Lake Orion’s mens and womens teams finished with several medalists in a number of weight classes.

The lady Dragons finished fourth overall as a team with a total of 45 points.

However, the spotlight was on the mens team as they finished in first place with 54 points to take home the state championship for the fourth time in 12 years.

Lake Orion’s individual state runners up were Anne-Marie Foster who placed 2nd in her weight class with a 730 lb total. And Nik Powell who also took 2nd in his weight class with a 1,000 lb total.

Lake Orion’s individual state champions were Jessica Fox who finished first in her weight class with a 765 lb total and Ben Sally who took first in his weight class with an impressive 1,220 lb weight total.

Dragon Men’s Individual Results

114 Weight Class

4th place, 575 pounds total, Ryder


123 Weight Class

3rd place, 795 total, Joshua Duncan

155 Weight Class

2nd place, 1,000 total, Nikolas Powell

8th place, 860 total, Mike Newland

165 Weight Class

6th place, 1,040 total, Tommy Bonnici

9th place, 995 total, Austin Helms

181 Weight Class

10th place, 1,015 total, Alex Koper

194 Weight Class

1st place, 1,220 total, Ben Sally

207 Weight Class

7th place, 1,180 total, Kobe Manzo

275 Weight Class

8th place, 1,225 total, Sebastian Marku

Lady Dragon Individual Results

105 Weight Class

5th place, 425 total, Rebecca Carlson

114 Weight Class

5th place, 510 total, Shreya Desai

8th place, 480 total, Mikayla De-Young-


123 Weight Class

8th place, 520 total, Erin Kurtycz

132 Weight Class

4th place, 550 total, Kylee McVety

145 Weight Class

6th place, 565 total, Dakota Guldi

155 Weight Class

4th place, 670 total, Andrea McCallum

165 Weight Class

6th place, 575 total, Elizabeth Hoffman

7th place, 565 total, Abby Nuss

181 Weight Class

2nd place, 730 total, Anne-Marie


5th place, 620 total, Taylor Morgan

198 Weight Class

1st place, 765 total, Jessica Fox

220 Weight Class

4th place, 620 total, India White

242 Weight Class

5th place, 595 total, Veronica Butcher