Sparks-Griffin funeral home went above and beyond

On May 29th, Emma French, my 94-year-old mother passed away. Nine years prior to her death, she had made cremation arrangements with Sparks-Griffin Funeral Home in Lake Orion. While my family was not familiar with Sparks-Griffin, it was very close to the nursing home where she lived.

Shortly after her passing, Greg Griffin called to let me know her ashes were ready. I explained that I lived in northern Michigan and it would be at least two weeks before I could pick up her remains.

At that point, Greg stated that his mother had a home close to where we lived and she would be coming north the following week.

He offered to have her bring my mother’s ashes to me, which she did. My sister and I were able to meet Greg’s mother up north to receive the ashes. While we were amazed at the kindness and generosity of the offer, the respect and compassion with which Mrs. Griffin handled mom’s ashes in the process was very touching.

She did confess that she had been involved with the business for many years and understood how to treat the deceased and the emotions and feelings of their families.

Our family was very touched by the actions of Sparks-Griffin, Greg, his mother and their entire staff and we are forever grateful that we were accompanied through my mom’s final journey by such great people.

In our difficult moment, they went far above the required duties helping to minimize our grief. I share this with you so that you will know the quality of the people at Sparks-Griffin. How wonderful to have this funeral home in your community.


Jane Deaver


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