Sippin’ a cuppa joe just got creative

Coffee drinkers might forget about their fresh brew while instead focusing on the artwork – of their table.
That’s probably not what ABeanToGo owner Kirk Walker had in mind when he asked local artists to help him refurbish and decorate an old coffee table at the downtown Lake Orion coffee house on Flint Street.
Seven different artists worked on the table: six creating the artwork around the table and one creating the centerpiece.
“That was the coolest thing about it…it just adds to the closeness of the community,” said Chantal Cody, a Lake Orion resident and one of the artists who contributed her work to the table.
Cody, who frequents the coffee house with her husband and son, created an old-fashioned coffee grinder, a sack and scoop of coffee beans.
“It gave me the opportunity to work with one particular color scheme and incorporate that into the picture,” she said.
Lake Orion resident Will Haverty created a coffee mug and saucer with the bible verse Daniel 3:24-28. – Jim Newell

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