Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs

Good morning! I just wanted to leave my opinion concerning all of the signs on the roadways of Lake Orion. Either we need to rename the city name to Sign City or remove 99 percent of the signs.

If you drive on M-24 southbound from Indian Lake Road to Flint Street, count all of the signs.

There are wrong way, do not enter, speed limit, intersection, traffic signal, no turn, church, street, curve arrow signs, public access sign, no turn on red signs, M-24 signs, posts with reflectors, steel post signs, wooden post signs, tall signs, short signs, stop signs, adopt a highway sign, right lane must turn right, Long Lake sign, highway living memory sign, begin center lane signs, Lake Orion City sign, keep right, left lane must turn left, real estate signs.

Plus, you also see the backs of signs that are read heading in the opposite direction.

It makes this beautiful town look so bad. I understand a few signs are needed. However, some signs could be mounted back to back. Some could be doubled or tripled on the same post. So many could be just taken down.

People are not stupid. We can figure things out without signs. Just take a look at this small area and count the signs.

Richard M. Murawski

Lake Orion


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