Sharing in Advent

It’s official; the end of the year is near. Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas rush is here. It is time to deck the halls, enjoy holiday festivities, and shop for the perfect gifts.

Beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving and for four consecutive Sundays we will share in Advent for 2021. During Advent, many faith-filled groups, like Unity, spend time preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For the spiritual person who likes to dig deep into the meaning of life, Jesus’ birth has a very deep metaphysical teaching. I’ll save that for Sundays, but know that information is available to you.

In this season, everyone enjoys the symbolic story of the Nativity. And the time spent in prayer and meditation on it during our Advent Sundays and holiday services, seems more sacred. During our worship time, we prepare our consciousness to rebirth the Christ, potential perfection, within each of us. We look back over our year. What in us can we change? How can we be a greater expression of God in action?

Our answers come through our meditation practices and our quiet time in prayer. This month is about life and coming into the world, but it’s also about being present in it. Hopefully we are up for re-birthing a new awareness of how we show up in life. How do we choose to better ourselves so we mirror the meaning of Jesus’ life?

Yes, that is the meaning of this time and for which we will grow our lives in a better direction. Spiritually looking into our present lives, we check in on where we can be better Angels, Kings, and Shepherds and give new life to the world. By taking time to rebirth our spirituality we are brought closer to the realization that the Christ potential exists in each person. That said, now we realize that those we may have looked down on, judged or not forgiven, all have the same Christ potential as us.

It’s deep but a worthy experience and definitely a season of introspection, looking within, and pulling out our greater good. Each Christmas gives us another opportunity to adjust who we are and change our lives. Yes, the Christmas story is over 2,000 years old; however, using our spiritual minds, we know there is more to the story and that it is still alive in us today.

What we seek in this holy time of year is to feel the presence within and to see it active in our world. So, let us take a good look at ourselves and see what we can change. Be open minded to new connections coming into our awareness. Hopeful and willing to renew our spiritual minds with good content and grow ourselves with God’s gift of His presence.

It’s a time for us to have hope and be in Unity and harmony with what everyone thinks. Take time to have faith that we can all come together for the greater good of all people around the world. To hold a light of love and joy each day as we go into the world and be our greatest expression of God. Once we have lived that way, peace will be ours and we will find it all around us. Plus, it will be alive within us!

Join me this holiday season in a group prayer – ‘God, we gather in this moment with each other in the Oneness of all there is to re-birth in ourselves with the ideas brought into the world with the life of Jesus. In our awareness may we know and be accepting that Oneness begins within us and from there spreads out to our family, neighbors, communities, counties, states, our country and around the world. We know this for there is no place that God is not. We affirm it because there is no place the light of our prayer intentions cannot sink in and replace all darkness. We not only hold in prayer that all countries are experiencing perfect wellness, but that each of us are also going deeper within ourselves. We are all open to finding more ways to share God’s energy. This is our time to experience Hope, Faith, Peace, Joy, in each other and faith in the cooperation of humankind. Amen’

Hebrews 11:3 – Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation. By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.

As you do your work in clearing, eliminating and releasing all energies that are not a perfect match to the love that Jesus brought into the world may you find more joy. Knowing and acknowledging the newly created open spaces from releasing are filled with the awareness of the Christ presence of God working in and through you may you find more peace. And in this process may you increase your hope and faith in yourself and the world.

Holiday Blessings,

Linda La Croix


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