Senior of the Week — Jillian Jansson

Parents: Jennifer and Ray Jansson
Grade: 12
GPA: 3.94
Favorite subject(s): Anything science related!
Extracurricular activities: Producing stories for LO-AM and working our live streams. TPW has allowed me to experience many different events around Lake Orion that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
Hobbies/Interests: I am an equestrian of 6 years and horseback riding is a big part of my life! I also love reading, baking, and being with my friends.
Plans after graduation: I plan to attend MSU to study animal science and work my way into vet school. My dream job would be to work as a veterinary nurse.
Jillian is proudest of: All of the relationships I have formed whether it be with friends, teachers, or coworkers, and my ability to make the most out of any situation.
Jillian makes a contribution by: By keeping a positive outlook on life and encouraging others around me to do the same.
Where Jillian sees herself in 10-20 years: I hope I’m happy with where life takes me and owning a black cat
What concerns Jillian in the world: Global warming and the impact humans have on the climate crisis.
Favorite thing about Lake Orion High School: The staff who have always made an effort to make me feel welcome and have encouraged my love of learning.
Recommending Teacher: Cathy Srock

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