Senior of the Week — Clayton Kuiper

Parents: Jim and Amy Kuiper

Grade: 12

GPA: 3.7

Favorite subject(s): English

Extracurricular activities: Running Cross country/track, Chess Club

Hobbies/Interests: Beating Luke in 8-ball, trying to catch up on my homework and photography

Plans after graduation: I plan on attending college and running at a collegiate level

Clayton is proudest of: Getting on the top 25 LO Cross Country List

Clayton makes a contribution by: I try to just be myself and spread positive energy to the people around me.

When Clayton thinks of the future: I see myself graduated from college and enjoying my life with a real job in some state where it’s warm in the winters but not blazing hot in the winter.

What concerns Clayton in the world: World Famine

Favorite thing about Lake Orion High School: My favorite thing about Lake Orion High School is Mrs. Stringers AP12 class

Recommending Teacher: Mrs. Mardlin

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