School board discusses final budget amendments for 2021-22 fiscal year

Lake Orion Community Schools is wrapping up its final budget of the 2021-22 fiscal year with their first reading of the final budget amendment at their meeting on June 1.
The school board is expected to vote on the final amendment during its meeting on Wednesday.
As is usual for final budget amendments, there are a variety of small changes and some material movement as well.
The final amended revenue budget is $94,099,744 with a revenue increase of $409,409.
Compared to the first amendment, the local source revenue increases a little over $170,000, state revenue decreases about $25,000, federal reserve funding increases by $410,937 and the ISD and medicaid sources decreased by $146,214.
Additionally, district documents show an increase of $54,389 in the district’s general fund with a total final amendment ending fund balance of $8,975,815.
The full budget amendments can be found on the district’s website at in the June 1, 2022 board meeting packet under the Board Meetings tab, Meeting Information link. — M.K.

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