Return sanity to residents’ lives – stop Airbnbs

Dear village residents and homeowners,

Are you aware of what is happening around you? Are you aware that anyone, or any company or any groups of people can buy up homes? (The home right next door to you.)

They are placing ads on several sites – Airbnb, Home Away, etc. – and begin a motel right next door to you.

I, and several people in my area, have been attending village council meetings and pleading our case.

These homes have been causing us to lose our way of life. They are on vacation, so of course their families and friends come and visit and party all week long. Sometimes as many as 12-15 people, (such as) groups attending a bachelorette party. Can you imagine the trash that is generated by them?

Thank you, village council members, for listening to our pleas and cries. We are pleading for a return to sanity and normalcy in our lives.

Please do not delude yourselves, these people are running a business in a residential area. They are operating motels in residential areas.

These vacationers are totally uncaring of our lives.

No, we are not all on vacation, as the sign suggests when you enter the village limits.

George and Dee Lukas

Lake Orion


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