Resident will vote for Jenn

I am writing to not only Endorse but to put my Support behind Jenn Zielinski for the next “CLERK” for our Orion Township community.  As someone who has worked on many initiatives for Oakland County and the State of Michigan and locally here in Orion Township I have come to the understanding that a number of changes need to happen in order to move our community forward.  A movement in our country to bring private expertise into government at all levels to improve the function and execution of government responsibility is imperative.
Jenn Zielinski is exactly the type of person to incorporate positive change, leadership and team work into our local Orion Township government offices.  She has lived here all her life, Jenn and her husband are raising their kids here, are involved in the schools and community.  Jenn has worked in the Corporate World for 20 years, those years of experience will help her create a “Teamwork” environment within the office of the Clerk, this Teamwork approach will flow over to interaction with the rest of the Departments and individuals the Clerks Office must work with.  Most of all her experience will bring better communication to the Community we want her to serve.  Her understanding of technology, marketing and customer service will be a great asset for the rest of the Orion Township Team to use as a resource.
As a friend and neighbor I have great respect for Jenn as a person and dedicated wife and Mom.  Jenn has a very high level of integrity both personally and professionally.  Jenn has a very engaging personality, is very smart and is just plain fun to be around.  Jenn’s experience and dedication to our Orion Township Community is why I am both Endorsing Jenn Zielinski and putting my full Support behind her to be our next Orion Township “CLERK”.
Bobby Keyes
Orion resident

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