Resident speaks out about Village Council’s request

Orion Township should not in any way entangle its use of its highly responsible budgeted funds with the Lake Orion Village Police debt issues. Our Oakland County Sheriff patrol of Orion Township received a most necessary millage increase in recent years by the township voters that was completely negated by the Lake Orion Village voters.
The Village of Lake Orion Council has consistently kept itself irresponsibly in debt by borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and now wishes to throw Saul (Orion Township taxpayers) into the mix of helping the village try to resolve its debt issue problems. The co-mingling and entanglement of the responsible Orion Township’s funding of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department budget in order to help the Lake Orion Village Council debt budget problems would be absurdly irresponsible and thoroughly unwise.
It is of my opinion that the Orion Township Board should not be furthering the Lake Orion Village Council members decisions to carry on with their irresponsible budget and spending decisions. Nor, should the Orion Township Board take the chance of possibly creating a situation that could visit great harm to our Oakland County Sheriff’s budgeted funding. I would hope that all of our Orion Township Board members would tonight vote a unanimous NO this April 18 on the Lake Orion Village Councils millage request.
Mary MacMaster
Lake Orion resident
Editors Note:
Please see the article in this weeks Review regarding the outcome of that meeting.

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