Resident lends support to some Township candidates

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 we, the registered voters of the Charter Township of Orion, will be exercising our constitutional right to vote in the General Election.
When the polls close at 8:00PM the voters will have decided (by majority vote) their respective candidates to lead the township for the next four years.
A new township board will take office on November 20, 2016 at 12:00PM (noon) as dictated by state law regarding township government office holders.
Please join me in supporting and voting for the experienced and fully qualified Board of Trustees incumbent candidates; Trustee Mike Flood, Jr., Trustee John Steimel, Supervisor Chris Barnett, Clerk Penny Shults, Treasurer candidate Donni Steele (current trustee). As well, new trustee candidates Brian Birne and Ron Sliwinski.
The only contested race are the four trustee positions on the board. Four republican candidates and one democrat candidate vying for the four open seats.
The supervisor, clerk and treasurer seats were more or less chosen by the voters in the primary election. These three full time positions do not have an opposing party candidate, other than possible write-in candidates.
Being an informed and educated Orion voter, I have attended numerous Board of Trustee meetings and pay close attention to the local grassroots government proceedings, both within the township and village.
It serves in the best interest of our Orion community to retain the two proven and experienced leadership incumbent trustees, Steimel and Flood, for another four-year term. As well, elect new trustee candidates Birney and Sliwinski.
I would be remiss by not recognizing long time Lake Orion business owner and current trustee Neal Porter, whose term expires November 20, 2016, for his years of dedicated service representing the residents of Orion Township. Mr. Porter has proudly served our Orion community on several government and non-profit organizational committees.
Thank you Neal for being the Orion residents and taxpayers “watchdog”.
Robert Scott III
Lake Orion resident

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