Resident agrees: Heights, Bellevue are terrible roads

I second Fred’s complaint to the road commissioner. (“Open letter to the Oakland County Road Commission: When areyou going to repair the horrible Heights Road?”, Fred Fleming, View points, July 1, 2020.)

I live on Longpointe Road and must travel on both Heights and Bellevue to come and go to work, and both are terrible and are a safety concern.

It is an absolute joke that the road commission feels they can continue to patch something so inconsistent. This has become a safety concern for automobiles, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

Maybe it will take a lawsuit to get them to prioritize this repair. I also note that Clarkston Road was recently repaved, at it was in much better condition than both Heights and Bellevue?

How does the road commissioner prioritize and determine what roads get repaved? Does it have anything to do that the road commission facility is located on Clarkston Road?

This safety concern needs immediate attention!

Jeff Flaugher

Lake Orion

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