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Hurricane Ida recently hit the Southern United States. As most hurricanes do, Ida created a lot of disorder and need for cleanup! The good news was that it was not as strong as hurricane Katrina, which was 16 years to the day of Ida. Previous learning and repair work was held. We could hear good happening, but also saw plenty of news and videos by storm chasers that were intense.

A strong hurricane is one of those world events we have no control over. One can only pray while watching buildings collapse, water flood through streets, and wind blowing strong gusts.

Whether it was the hurricane that got your attention, the volcano in Sicily, or the drought in the West, there was plenty to watch happening. It certainly leaves the space open for our minds to wonder; where is God in all of this?

During big storms like hurricanes, I check in with the news and social media a couple times a day. When checking I am looking for the good things that are happening. During sad times it becomes easy to worry and focus on how awful something is. Letting that thinking be all we focus on can lead us to feelings of depression.

We can do that — or we can change the way we think about it. Putting your focus on looking for the goodwill that will be shown to you. It may only be in little snippets but be grateful for it and more good will continue to show up!

Like prayer, changing our focus on the bad changes our personal vibrational energies. Which in turn changes the vibration of the earth’s energies. When we are on a hunt for the good that is happening we are sure to find it!

You may wonder how I found good when there was so much bad happening in so many places. Easy, I looked for God’s essence!

God is everywhere present ALL the time. I found God in action through the people who were helping others. It’s always heartwarming to see electrical trucks lined up, ready to begin repairs when the storm passes. (People come with those trucks and often from different states to help, more good news!)

It was fantastic to hear FEMA was prepared with water and food for those in need after the storm. Checking in a couple different times a day filled my heart with positive, loving vibrations. The essence of God is always actively working in, and through, people who are helping others.

At the same time we were watching our military fly people out of Afghanistan. Many happenings in life are out of our control. The only thing we can do is change how we think about them. Begin by changing your thoughts with the understanding that this world is only on loan to us. This world is our lifetime spiritual school. We must learn to work in it to raise its energy vibrations by raising our own spiritual vibrations. This will create harmony and balance allowing for peace.

Whenever group consciousness is out of balance we will experience natural disasters. Water always represents emotions. When a group’s consciousness expresses a lot of emotions that are out of control or people are expressing too many negative thoughts, water arrives. Its purpose is to wash away the vibrations made by error thoughts.

Sometimes we have to do physical work to get beyond our negative thinking; excess water can do that.

Of course the universe does not make it easy for us. Some will clean up with manual labor and others will balance it out by watching the workers in disbelief. Many of us will be putting our thinking minds into rescue efforts. Donating or contributing to change the vibrations back to harmony once again.

In the natural presence of all that exists there is a Divine Order. That Order protects the balance of the universe first. In our human experience it is important to ground ourselves into that way of thinking.

Learning more about how your physical life and spiritual life creates your world makes all of your life’s lessons flow easier. Questions? Stop in or email me at

As you watch what’s happening in the world, focus your mind’s eye on the good. Watch for God’s essence in action. Visualize an easy cleanup, restructuring, reorganizing, rebuilding, as everyone involved puts a new and better order into their lives. Pray for all of us to be led to the right and perfect action. Seeing, knowing and affirming we are creating a calming and peaceful presence which brings us and the earth back into balance quickly.

Spreading faith,

Linda La Croix

Prayer Chaplain & Board President at Unity of Lake Orion. Find more positive insights on her Facebook page: A Spiritual Walk.


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