‘Quaintness’ of Lake Orion will not stay if village management has its way

The previous week’s letter from Mr. Kevin Breslin on new apartments was very informative and each village resident should take note of its importance.
First of all, maintaining the quaintness of the village won’t happen if the village management has its way. And they might have their way but even too much ice cream isn’t good either, is it?
These quote improvements have only one intention, which is to enlarge the tax base (increase the village revenue with new tax money) and because the village is geographically landlocked the only way is to annex (take away) township property or go up using the same footprint as the buildings they are replacing.
So how large should the village be and what does the village plan to use all the new tax money for?
The real question is what does the village council plan to do with all the new tax money and how much will it be? We don’t need extravagant new implements to plow snow or broom our downtown streets do we? Or unreasonable increases in village compensation?
Maybe they intend to reduce all village citizens tax amounts or rumor has it build a new village hall on Park Island then provide boats and boat slips for each village official. HA?
Maybe each will come true but we deserve a definitive answer in writing.
Then there is the big dilemma of where do all these new residents do business – you know buy things if there isn’t a place to park which, as you know, is a current problem. You know they won’t walk there in the rain or snow.
Clearly if there is no place to park they will take their business to another town. Then the downtown businesses will eventually fold or dwindle to an unreasonable profit and go elsewhere.
So, now tell us taxpayers what is the written-down hold accountable plan and their timetables?
This is of a particular concern because of a lack of decision in 18 months on a big tax revenue gain for the village 100 years in the making about village ownership of hundreds of lakefront properties the village owns. Why?

Fred Fleming
Lake Orion

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